Our IPMC & AAPM ® Global Board of Standards issues The MPM ® Master Project Manager ™, CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager ™ , or the PME ™ Project Manager E-Business ™ – Board Certifications to qualified applicants who have met our commission requirements of: Education, Training, Experience, Industry Knowledge, Ethics, and Continuing Education. See the list of AAPM ™ Certifications offered by our Board of Standards: MPM Master Project Manager International Charter Certification ™| CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager Charter & Certification ® | CPE Certified Planning Engineer ™ | CPRM Project Risk Manager ™| CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant ™| PME Project Manager E-Business ™| MQM Master Quality Manager ™. The CPC ™ Certified Project Consultant ™ is also available by special request to Project Managers with more than 10 Years of experience in Project Management

If you have 3 or more years of Specialized Project Management Experience and qualifying education, you may apply for AAPM ™ Certification. You must also submit your resume to the board. Please go to the Application Page. If you are not sure, simply email your resume, and we will provide a board review to determine if you are qualified. You may apply for any of the above certifications. Click Here to Read about our Executive Exam Waiver Guidelines * If you have less than 3 years of industry experience, you must already have an Approved IPMC degree , training or pass our Exam. Here is the link to our online Project Management Exam. If you pass the exam by 70% or higher, you can apply for the Board Certification if you have more than 3 years of PM experience and accredited education. See Sample certification. IPMC has approved Specific Project Management Degrees and Training for the PM Certification ™ . Approved Training Programs Graduates of these programs can apply for a waiver to obtain the MPM ™ Master Project Manager Designation and Credential See List

If you believe that you already meet our requirements of having completed a project management program or exam from an accredited institution, please apply today. Click Here to Apply . Click Here to go to our Certification registration & payment site.

For Group In House Fast-Track Executive Certification Training for companies, institutions or government agencies in North America: Click Here Our certification professional development programs can be supplied by an expert team or directly from an accredited institution.

List of Certifications conferred by AAPM and the Board of Standards

MPM ® Master Project Manager – International Charter and Certification ®
CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager ® ( Registered Trademark Hong Kong)
PME © Project Manager E-Business ™
CPE Certified Planning Engineer ™
MQM Master Quality Manager ™
AAPM ® Accredited Agile Project Manager ™
MCP © Management Consultant Professional Master Management Consultant –
CPRM Certified Project Risk Manager
CPP ™ Certified Product Planner ™
CHRA Chartered and Certified Human Resources Analyst ™
MPC Master Professional Consultant ™
COG-PM – Certified Oil and Gas Project Manager ™
CLC Certified Leadership Consultant ™
CMA Certified Marketing Analyst ™
CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant ™
CPC Certified Project Consultant ©
QBC Qualified Business Coach ™ –
CCPC Certified Construction Project Consultant ™ –
CIPPM Certified International Project Portfolio Manager ™
CPPM Certified Project Portfolio Manager ™
PDM Professional Doctorate Executive VIP Program in Management – DBA Designated Business Analyst ™
CEVMA™ Certified Earned Value Management Analyst ™
AMC Accredited Management Consultant ®
MMC Master Management Consultant ®
MCPM Master Construction Project Manager ™
CPEA – Chartered / Certified Personal Executive Assistant ™

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